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tv   Headline News  RT  May 18, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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europe doesn't need britain that's the message from the french president as he pledges to protect the e.u.'s integrity the u.k. tries to claw back powers from brussels. scores are killed in a string of bombings around baghdad in iraq's deadliest day in months as tension between the shiite led government and the sunni minority spiral out of control. and a suspected terrorist is arrested in the u.s. three years after slipping past the country's border control raising fears america's security isn't up to scratch.
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around the world and around the clock this is kerry just. entering his second year of power french president francois hollande has pledged to go on the offensive especially european front and with its calls to reform the e.u. and plans for an in out referendum the u.k. has become his main get criticised britain for splintering the block saying his duty was now to bring europe out of its lethargy there are. reports he could be trying to prop up his own plummeting popularity. there's been a lot of your skepticism growing in the u.k. and david cameron had said that he wants to put the membership of the e.u. to a vote in twenty seventeen and when a lot was asked this question a lot simply said europe existed before britain joined it. was very noticeable how a lot has really been trying to go on the offensive it was acting showing himself to be a strong leader at this point because he himself is facing
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a very large and growing euro skepticism in his own country if you just look at the latest figures there's a pew research showing that even if most french people still want to remain as part of the eurozone seventy seven percent of french people think that this closer economic ties with the entire union has been detrimental to their own economies so all on there seems to be he has been talking to the french people that is his audience for this speech trying to show how france can still go on even if the u.k. does leave the union if that is the final decision now a lot also said it criticized the u.k. for being such a euro skeptic essentially saying that this kind of rocking the boat attitude of the u.k. is threatening to splinter the e.u. is what we can see here is pointing out the fact that the u.k. really has been one of the most critical voices in the union so far and also along criticize the austerity policy of david cameron an interesting really of a lot himself is facing no growth in his own country so he said that david cameron's policies is hindering growth in the u.k.
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while france right now is officially in recession now again it's interesting to point out that when a lot of this trying to rebut and answers these questions he's speaking to the french people hoping the massive this satisfaction that he's facing for the french people will eventually turn and his leadership here is under question he's facing massive unemployment he's a very unpopular man at this moment so in trying to prove that he is still a french leader years going on the offensive it's unlikely that we're going to hear him say that france is not going to survive without the u k. well in france slipping into recession the president alone has pledged to get his country back on its feet he also found time to criticize the u.k.'s david cameron and his austerity measures describing them as even harsher than other countries in the years a conservative very pale martyr understand this as britain simply doesn't care what other things. and the u.k. is trying to drive its own economy in the best way possible i think our land
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is criticizing the u.k. when in fact he has plunged his own country into this deep a long term recession so really the u.k. is not here to take lessons from a socialist government that with high taxes passports the country he saw in country into severe difficulties even mr hollande is asking for more political union and this will require a new treaty so on the occasion of this new treaty david cameron could really. of beneficial. for the united kingdom and eventually as i say he has promised a referendum so i don't think what mr landis saying is causing any damage or
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is really influencing any situation in the united kingdom. and while the embattled economies are struggling to dig themselves out of the recession oh many big international companies are still managing to save cash in their shifting their profits around the world to cut their tax bills as developing countries and are paying the price we explain why they turn the program. it is time for us to settle this question about britain and europe. david cameron's under increasing pressure to guarantee a vote on the u.k.'s future in the view ever so much of britain's european partners fear that such a divorce could cause this traffic. or europe's financial troubles are said to be fuelling a far right movements across the bloc including within its largest economy neo nazi activists are preparing to march in germany there today amid accusations the country's off artists have underestimated the extremist threat and that appears to
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be the case for other e.u. members too as artist peter on of the reports from britain in the west to greece in the east far right groups are making their voices heard in new. finance crees in this financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they were cruet. greece has seen a marked increase in support for far right groups golden dawn and her organization to write it by the critics who look and thirds of hurled it by their supporters as the saviors of greece for the greeks and they systematical the brits and cultivate. but they
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are a type system at. the present golden dawn of the most they have elected officials on their books including current greek m.p. elias can see artists it's not only in politics that extreme right views are permeating this goal celebration by a key athens is this cut the d.s. so the midfielder banned for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what this meant and here in germany a country which experienced firsthand the horrors of naziism right wing extremist groups springing up right now with tension in germany is focused on the murder trial of better know as the nazi right she's accused of being part of a national socialist terrorist cell that claimed to have murdered nine sin one policewoman and the two thousands after nine hundred forty five are told about what happened in the war on the holocaust of course but some held on to those ideas when
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the wall came down we saw last rise in right wing groups that grew into today's neo nazis as well as a fascist organizations members of germany's mainstream right wing party. system their policies are the only way to tackle the current problems facing the country. as if we as german taxpayers have to save the entire europe we are going to go to broke we have to admit that some european nations cannot be saved and focus on those that can. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more people are seeking answers with the right peter all over joe. iraq's deadliest day in months has claimed at least seventy six lives after a series of bombings in the around baghdad the surge in violence is. raising fears that the country could see a return to mass sectarian bloodshed the worst attack of the day came into bombs
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exploded near sunni mosque in cuba killing more than forty people also blasts and the funeral south of baghdad the twin bombings in a sunni district of a type of itself the shia muslims were the target of similar attacks before that with a total of one hundred thirty people killed over three days he harrison is a u.s. congressman believes that america's involvement has contributed to the current violence. i think we have an obligation to stay engaged with iraq. diplomatically and developmentally. militarily quite honestly i don't i i am not convinced that we can add a meaningful improvement to the situation with some point our role in iraq militarily needs to come to in and even if there is horrible military violence going on there i mean the question needs to be raised is our reengagement
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going to help i doubt that seriously but what i think we do need to do is to remember that we'll create these conditions and we haven't are going obligation and you know we've got to make sure that i mean if we can play a diplomatic role to help cease the violence we should if we can certainly help rebuild this country i think we have a moral obligation to do so because we are a part. becky star national has been arrested on federal terrorism charges in the u.s. state of idaho a man is alleged links to an overseas militant organization that slipped through security controls when he entered the country three years ago it's increased worries that washington security programs are ineffective despite its lists of suspected terrorists featuring a million names when a point not small. a thirty year old was pakistani national has been arrested on a federal terrorism charges but just three years ago he was easily admitted to the u.s. as a refugee prosecutors have charged proselyte jean-paul but often with conspiring to
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provide material support to the islamic movement of uzbekistan an american designated terrorist organization and off he was arrested in boise idaho where he has lived since immigrating to the u.s. it's also kind of what's not clear is how a man allegedly tied to a terrorist network was able to bypass the u.s. is seven hundred billion dollar national security apparatus and enter the country some would argue that homeland security officials should have thoroughly vetted it was back and rejected his application for refugee status but when it comes to the u.s. homeland security system expensive doesn't necessarily equate to affect it according to a report by the u.s. inspector general the u.s. justice department temporarily lost track of former terrorists who participated in america's witness protection program now the independent investigator found that
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officials at the witness protection program failed to share the fictitious identities that had been created for terrorism linked witnesses with the f.b.i. terrorist screening center that's the agency that maintains america's terrorist watch and no fly lists so as a result some participants of the witness protection program that were put on a no fly list could have flown commercial flights without approval in the meantime the u.s. that of these use to track suspected terrorists has reportedly reached eight hundred seventy five thousand me yes that's more people than the entire population of cyprus clearly washington does not but our resources to monitor each and every name. on that list and as recent developments have challenged the u.s. government has also pallets of suspected terrorists from entering or leaving the country according to new york bring up or not are to. well the terrorist identities
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database was created in an attempt to make sure everyone though enforcement body could be easily alerted about a potential terror threat managing editor of the monthly politics magazine reason twenty four seven news says a huge lists actually creates more complications the great ironies is that the more information together and we do press or security organizations together more and more and more and more but somebody has to process that information is the more information it gather chances are the less you know to do it and he did it and he datum it's in that database so you can have it as many names in there as you will on c.n.n. it's hundreds of thousands of just a million names in there at this point the chance of actually doing anything with any one of those names and if the useful diminishes the larger the database comes the more information we scoop up the less we do in that so again we can talk about security measures all day long but it's different in society people are going to come and go and someone will eventually be identified as terrorism suspects. oh plenty more stories coming your way here not including
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a bitter pill for independent pharmacies in america examine why local drugstores in the u.s. are being driven out of business as knowledge of its takeover all the details coming up. they're ready to come here to work and not get paid for it. people from all over the world are eager to help. take to become a volunteer at russia's premier museum why did the son of the louvers director come here. from one of the camps do. behind the scenes of the hermitage see.
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welcome back not going to a local drugstore may increase and we become a thing of the past for many americans health insurance companies are helping giant pharmacy corporations drive out the competition even people with little choice and support from.
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pharmaceuticals in the u.s. a major moneymaker huge drug store chains are popping up on every street corner with multiple locations and endless services when reid is writing aid whichever the big ones not that i prefer them but it's just that they're the only option we're from new jersey so we go to c.v.s. . one in new york doing read but mostly c.v.s. competition for mom and pop shops is steeper than ever and police is liable where rent alone is sky high small neighborhood pharmacies are all but it stands for the city overflowing the joint chains like this one the town drugstore symbolically was always at the center of american culture and american wife it now has the big chains move in only the prices tend to go up but they squeeze the little guys out the pharmacists however small pharmacies have more issues than just the increase of big box shops health insurance companies have been merging with drug stores taking
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away americans choice of where they can get their medicine if they fell at my location they would have to pay fifty percent of the cost of the medication if they feel that c.v.s. they would only pay thirty percent of the cost of the medication sarah fraud who has had her shop in a small community in upstate new york for about six months offering personal attention and a more intimate approach she's built a good reputation with the locals fast right now. but the pharmacist says an increasing number of her patients have been learning they have no choice but to do business elsewhere at a giant pharmacy across the street what they do is we just had one this week a woman came in she wanted to fill her prescription that our pharmacy she was sick of c.b.s. the long waits the lines the rude you know employees and we took a prescription took her insurance card bill ditto for insurance found out she could not fill anywhere besides c.b.s. moseyed hosey and runs
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a pharmacy new jersey and is faced with the same obstacle he says he has lost a fifth of his patients because of these deals the big stores are able to make negotiate their own contracts with insurance companies so that they get they get paid more than what we do and then. when they purchase their medications they purchase a matter lower rate than what we purchased them that much even though there have been pushes from small pharmacy lobbying groups to get in the way of the tricks used by big chains huge corporations simply have more money to lobby their interests even if sued they pay the fine and move on meanwhile the small businesses fight on to stay afloat allow us to compete freely with each other as businesses we go out of our way to give the best customer service and be as friendly as we can despite the pleas an obvious economic benefits of money staying in a community instead of corporate giants bank accounts this sort of general and of the middle class story which sadly has been the macroeconomic story of the last
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really forty years here in united states. friendly neighborhood shops that used to be what made the american dream possible could soon be a thing of the past and stacy turkana party new york. well following a recent survey it scanned with the a.p. news agency washington is a rush to revive a media shield law to r.t. dot com to find out if the bill could make it easier for journalists to be subpoenaed by the u.s. government. also online if you today this tiny white dot in the bottom right here is heading to the moon and it's not as easy consequential as it may seem it is in fact the biggest meteorite ever of hitting the surface of earth satellite check out how it may affect life here at r.t. dot com. now the booming digital currency the bitcoin may be disqualified from the financial race before it even starts running u.s. authorities have seized the account of the operator that allows users to convert us
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dollars into bit coin and back again let's take a look at how the currency differs from the cash we're all used to out of it coin system was developed by an unknown program back in that two thousand and nine but ballooned only recently for in the banking crisis in cyprus users must first download the virtual world it onto a computer or mobile device to lend get an address for the wallet and can transfer bit coins to the wallet of another user well for a small charge and without banking mediators while the whole transfer process is encrypted to prevent the money from being stolen currency can then be exchanged for hard cash or used in a growing number of stores that accept them to buy goods and services. coins software developer says the currency a gives you total control of your assets as there are no middlemen involved. the big system i think is really simple system because it's based of this concept of open source so i can download the source code
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for bitcoin a new can read for it and you know like how someone can speak french or spanish or english i can read source code and i can read the source code and see that it does exactly what it says it does it's not really powerful where i have bitcoin stored on my computer and i send it over the internet direct to someone without any middleman whatsoever using software that i wrote myself completely when i have a bank account i don't know what happens in that bank account i don't know who i was dealing with or all the middlemen and institutions there with bitcoin is none of it's total control over your money it's proper free trade not that not the fake kind where you need to register corporations or special companies and then your shut out the market because of regulations no it's kind of money where anybody in what can participate paper alone is blocking access from over sixty different countries worldwide because it doesn't have any of these restrictions or limitations and the payment system is used as a political thought to shut down speech on the internet and that's why the big point of sign point. now to some other news making headlines around the world this
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hour south korea's defense ministry says north korea has north three missiles off its east coast so it has also reported that the short range missiles landed in the sea of japan according to local media they were most likely show based antiship weapons of tension heightened on the peninsula during joint military exercises between south korea and the u.s. much. to russia commuter trains have collided in the u.s. state of connecticut injuring around sixty passengers rather those are now said to be in critical condition one train derailed and was slammed into by another on the adjacent track rail traffic between new york and boston has been suspended lease investigate the incident. live pictures from rome now where thousands are rallying against the country's a sturdy policies italy is going through its longest recession in recent times the prime minister enrico that is facing
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a tough challenge to sort out the issue measures introduced by the previous government he says his priority is to tackle youth unemployment that's almost forty percent over the new government has failed to appease public anger over the leak only this from. an angry mob led by orthodox priests to the gay rights protest buddhist capital tbilisi one front at least twelve people were injured including three riot react to this were bundled into vehicles were attacked by them all despite promises of unprecedented security measures for the rally or forties were criticised for being unprepared for the effect. on football violence had spain's capital in the early hours of saturday morning when police not letting go in madrid fans clashed during cup victory celebrations fighting erupted when police attempted to disperse over a thousand pounds would look streets in the capital and trouble has plagued major sporting events in europe over the recent. struggle to.
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severe tax hikes so what many countries are facing amid the ongoing global economic doldrums that's not bothering the world's biggest players large international companies are still finding ways to slash their tax bills rising calls for more action to crack down on tax avoidance that's harm the agenda especially the u.k. reports that one hundred of the u.k.'s biggest companies but new research shows that they're still cutting corners by saving money on tax ninety eight of the footsie one hundred companies in the u.k. run the holding or subsidiary companies off shore these include high street giants such as barclays bank and tesco it's unlikely to make easy reading for the british government which spent the past four years promising to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance now actually is the charity that's been looking into the issue and i'm
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here to talk to tax policy expert michael lewis who authored the report where these findings come from. mike thank you very much for joining us the british government's been promising to clamp down on tax avoidance for a while now we've seen a number of stories and scrutiny towards companies such as starbucks and amazon and google so it looked like progress had been made but what did you find when you looked at the bigger picture a new research found that tax haven operations and companies are almost universal amongst the world's largest companies but the u.k. has a particular responsibility here one in five of the world's tax havens are under u.k. jurisdiction what's the link between overseas tax havens and the developing world. the link quite simply is that the developing world in developing countries are suffering from tax avoidance further and faster than the u.k. and other countries so the o.e.c.d.
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estimates that developing countries lose up to three times more money to tax havens every year than they receive in international aid this is g eight provides a real opportunity particularly to tackle the problem of tax havens and tax avoidance what we need from the g eight is a global deal that forces tax havens to disclose assets wealth hidden on their shores and forces them to share that information with countries from day one thank you very much for joining us they have as you've just heard david cameron has promised to tackle the issue of global tax avoidance at next month's g eight summit which britain will be chairing but so far it's unclear how firmly britain is prepared to act in order to stamp out the culture of corporate tax avoidance. r.t. . well up next we take you to the hermitage museum in st petersburg where we meet some of its. take its status.
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the illusion of safety trumping your right seems to be the main political theme of post nine eleven america i notice pushing the keep you safe at any cost and lot more than new york billionaire mayor michael bloomberg who recently had to defend his stop and frisk strategy after giving a speech to police brass stop and frisk is the practice of just being able to search anyone in new york at any time for any reason with your hands this gestapo style practice has been in place since two thousand and two but thankfully was finally recently found to be unconstitutional by a federal judge you know the fourth amendment all the talk about no unlawful search and seizure seems pretty clear to me why did this take so long to figure out bloomberg despite that silly constitution thing stands firm with this policy
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declaring if you end street stops looking for guns they will be more guns on the street and more people will be killed it's just that simple well to that i would say if you stop nazi style first kings of random innocent people there will be more freedom on the streets it's just that simple but that's just my opinion. this is the best time to come here before opening hours to hear all this silence you can feel that the holes and everything in them if they are waiting for this day
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. i was about three years old or maybe less words when i first came to the hermitage i remember the impression that everything here is alive in a sort of fairy tale and when i touch the feet of the atlantis i felt that they were alive and only statues of ancient gods base and alive to me too maybe they were just frozen in the moment but they were still living i'm probably still working some of their miracles. i. just that it is.


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